Week of Jan. 4



As promised, I am going to do a bunch of “theme” weeks for my menu planning this year. Just to mix things up a little bit and to make me think differently. We tend to get stuck in a rut with certain things we do all the time and that includes making menus. I am starting out the year with our favorite foods, just to get the ball rolling. There are 3 of us in the house (1 went back to college), so we each got to pick 2 favorite meals. Since that only equals 6, and there are 7 days in a week, we all decided that our last favorite for the week will be pizza, since everyone loves pizza!

Sunday: (My favorite)
Pork Tenderloin with Herb Sauce
Roasted Red Potatoes

Monday: (My favorite)
Ground Beef Stroganoff with Mushrooms
Egg Noodles
Lima Beans

Tuesday: (Husband’s favorite)
Bourbon Chicken

Wednesday:  (Son’s favorite)
Baked Salmon with Lemon and Herbs
Steamed Broccoli

Thursday: (Everyone’s favorite)
French Bread Pizza

Friday: (Husband’s favorite)
Grilled Cheese
Tomato Soup

Saturday: (Son’s favorite)
Chicken Pot Pie
Mashed Potatoes


Check out more amazing menu plans at Organizing Junkie! Just click on the image:


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