Thanksgiving Day Wrap-Up

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The day started out as any other Thanksgiving Day. We got up early and someone in the house ran the annual Turkey Trot. Normally it’s just my son who runs. I typically go with him, cheer him on and freeze my rear-end off. This was a normal year.

Turkey Trot Scenes

The scene from the starting line as I waited for the gun to go off. It was snowing and 28 degrees. A typical late November day in Upstate New York.

Turkey Trot

These are the die-hard crazy runners who ran the 10k race this morning. My son is in there somewhere. After the crowd of runners ran off into the wild blue yonder, I hiked it back up the hill to go inside where it was warm. While there, I received a text message from my sister-in-law, who was hosting Thanksgiving this year. She sent a warning that her youngest daughter was in the bathroom puking. She had contracted some sort of stomach bug. So immediately we all went into Plan B mode. Which did not include going anywhere near the stomach bug. They didn’t need us up there in the way, and we didn’t need to be getting sick.

Thanksgiving Turkey

So while I was at the Turkey Trot, waiting for the runners to cross the finish line, my husband made an emergency trip to our local Wegmans for a last-minute Thanksgiving Day dinner. We had a few side items that we were in charge of bringing to dinner, but we did not have a turkey, potatoes or dessert. The 3 main-stays of a Thanksgiving Dinner. My husband was able to secure a lovely Honey Brined Turkey Breast. He had that in the crock pot cooking well before we returned home from the Turkey Trot.

Thanksgiving Dinner

By 4:00, we were gathered around the table with a feast fit for a king. We didn’t miss a beat, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, our poor niece spent the entire day sleeping on the bathroom floor. Not such a good day for her. We are thankful for our family. And we are thankful that our niece will be ok. We’ll try again for a big Thanksgiving dinner when everyone is healthy. I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving, and if your plans didn’t quite go as planned, I hope you were able to salvage the day, spend time with friends and family and remember to be thankful for all that we have.

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